Layer Your Pages

Always  select the colors in your photograph to help you decide what paper and accessories to chose. Clean and neat layouts keep the focus on your subject rather than on the accessories. I love to keep it clean on some of my layouts with a minimum of color. Take a moment to really focus on the colors you have to work with. Then layer your layouts so that the photos are the center point. wrenicycle.jpg

Easy and Clean Layout



Clean pages actually focus the eye directly on the photo

Recently I made a page for my grandson. I didn’t want it frilly, just clean and neat. All I did was layer the photo, create a simple title and add a little design. The elements were cut on my Cricut electronic cutter. I am challenging you to look at your layouts with a clean and easy  design



Baby Layout


IMG_1430.JPGThis is my baby layout. Simple to make. I used a simple clean layout ! It used two of the tags that I posted last week. The frame was already on the picture. I made the hearts and the title background from my Cricut access. The letters were in my stash. Easy, clean and layered.


The second page of the layout is also clean and easy to make. I simply used the announcement. I layered a simple border made with a border punch. The top was a piece of scrap paper was just cut to fit. Had the title in my stash. Added left over hearts and the little rocking horse.

Clean and simple pages are just as nice as the fancy ones. They put the emphasis on the pictures rather than the decor

Easy To Make Custom Scrapbook Paper

I love buying scrapbook paper is pads. When you do, you get coordinating papers. So it’s easy to use and it’s generally has a theme.

But I also like to take the same paper and add a personal touch. One of my favorite things to do is to add glitter glue to my pages. Flowers especially adapt to this technique. The little bottles called Stickles have a nice small nozzle. So you can take it and apply it to your paper. If you use glitter glue, make sure to give it enough time to allow it to dry before you add your photos. Generally, I allow it to dry overnight. It does make a nice touch and makes your photos shine.


Simple Tags For Your Scrapbook Pages

If you have an electronic cutting machine, cutting tags for your scrapbook pages are easy to accomplish. Simply cut the shapes for the tags. In this case I used simple shapes. I also made the paper bows. So cute and easy to do. I added some stickers that I had. These were all baby stickers, since I have plans to catch up on some baby pages.

Look through your stash and think about what stickers that you may have. This is a great option for your left over paper stashes. You can use any stickers, flowers, words of phrases that you may have. All you need is some glue. I also edged several of them with my ink pads.

Just about any theme can be covered with these tags. Watch tomorrow and see how I use these on my scrapbook pages.


Thinking About My Scrapbook Passion

I was giving some thought about my passion for Scrapbooking. If you are a beginner, thinking about starting or maybe already on your way. here are some things that I was thinking about that may also be true for you.

We tend to think that scrapbooking has to be about that perfect event. I guess that we all want to present our family in the best possible light. But that is far from true. Some of my best memories are when things didn’t go exactly right. Your story can include some disasters. because those stories will be long remembered in your family. Think about the funniest memories you have. These are part of your stories too.

You can’t use every photo unless you like to add real bulk to your pages or books. My husband and I got married 5 years ago. I have been going through his photos and scrapbooking out of horrid magnetic albums for a couple of years now. We all do the same thing…We take multiple pictures just in case one did not turn out. I am guilty too. Then we wind up with 5 or 6 pictures of the same thing. You also , like me may find or have a few pictures that are blurry or not useable. You simply need to part ways with them. Decide what you can and want to use. Give the extras away, or make a mini album with them.

It’s ok to experiment and make mistakes ! Like any other art form,  you grow as you learn and experiment ! I tend to think in blocks. So this year I am going to experiment with layouts that have different dimension. I am also going to experiment with some different products like paint, coloring elements and inks. The point is to have fun with different ideas and products. That is what scrapbooking should be about !

While there are tons of products out there, every product may not be right for you. I have thought doing pocket pages. I looked at the products and the ideas behind them and I knew that it wasn’t my style. You will be exposed to lots of different ideas and products if you stick with it. Not all of them will fit your style or budget and that’s ok.

Just remember what making scrapbooks is all about ! It’s about honoring and remembering people, places, events and things. It’s your investment in the history of your family !img_1386



New Year Organization Plan

Your craft space is where you work and play. We’re focusing on getting off on the right foot by getting organized. I have spent a couple of days organizing my paper stash. What crafter ever feels like they have enough paper? No one that I know of. So, for me reorganizing my paper stash was the perfect way to get started.

I have been using the Scrap Rack for my main organizing tool. It has been the perfect tool for me to get organized. I will be telling you next week, how I got started and what you can do with it. One way of organizing the scrap rack is by colors, or rainbows. I like to think in a specific color when I am doing my pages or any other paper craft. So to have all my paper in colors too, just makes sense for me. If I am looking for things in blue, for example, I know exactly where to go.

Now all my paper is organized in the same way. I already had my specific color paper organized, now I have my printed paper organized the same way. Whatever color I am using, I know where to find the solid and the print paper. I also know where to find other things in the same color range.

While, I have mine in a bookcase, you could do the same thing in any container that you are storing your paper in.

Look at your space and think about how you could improve your storage system. We would love to know how you are storing your paper. Why not share your ideas and thoughts right here

I just scored some really good storage products at They have sales going and I really do well there.

Happy New Year- Lets Get Organized


Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year ! Wishing each of you joy, health, happiness!

Where did the year go, anyway ? Time seems to go faster every year ! Every year I like to finish off the holidays by getting myself organized. Though my studio/office has come a long way, I still find improvements to make to give me more time to do the things I love…my paper crafts.

So follow along as I find things to get life organized…..remember every little thing that you accomplish will help you gain time to scrapbook smarter and get more accomplished.

Step one for me today was to go through all the craft magazines that I have been collecting this year. I gathered them up and went through every one of them. Clipped out the articles and projects that I wanted to save. Then they go into page protectors. I keep a binder with all my clippings. I reduced a shelf and gained a lot of space. So I was happy with this simple step forward.

If you want to keep your craft magazines, place them into a paper storage unit. Or cut a cereal box to make a recycled magazine holder.






Craft Mats-Types And Uses

cricut-matsMany of us use electronic cutters like Cricuts and Scan n Cuts to cut elements for our scrapbook pages. The mats are the tools where we place our paper so that our cut can be made.

Most companies have three types of mats. Each mat has a specific type of adhesive that matches the weight of the material that it is designed to be used for. Using the proper mat for the material that you are cutting will help guarantee that you will get a clean cut.

The lightweight mat allows you to cut very light weight materials. Think of things like office paper, vellum and light cardstock. This lighter mat has just the right adhesive to grip these lighter weight papers.

The standard grip mat has enough grip to cut most standard cardstock. You can also cut vinyl, iron on and patterned paper.

The stronger grip mats are perfect for heavy weight materials. Think about your specialty cardstock, glitter cardstock, chipboard, and fabric that is stiffened.

Using the right mat for the right project will help you cut and create with far less frustration.

Been MIA

I apologize that I have been MIA of late.  We have had some major work in my home. We had floors replaced in two rooms and everything, and I mean everything, was put into my craft room and study. That meant that I have had no access to anything. Took three days longer to do the rooms and then we had to replace everything back to their places. We are all done now and things are back to normal. I appreciate your patience. I will be back tomorrow,