Materials For A Envelope Mini Album

  1. Envelopes-can be any size . Gather as many envelopes as you want pages
  2. Cardstock- generally you can get 2 pages from one piece of 12 x 12 cardstock
  3. Embellishments-you will need letters, words and any other embellishments you might want to add
  4. Hole reinforcements- I found that these strengthen my mini books
  5. Hole puncher-use a very sturdy one
  6. Ribbon or rings to hold it altogether
  7. Scissors and paper cutter
  8. Glue, glue tape or dots

This is an easy way to create a very nice mini scrapbook for any occasion. The one that I am making is a little birthday tribute book for my hubby’s 65 birthday. The inspiration behind this little mini album is to show him what 65 candles look like. So thoughout the book are candles. But you can make your mini book about anything you want !

  1. Cut the flaps off the envelopes
  2. Measure the envelopes and cut the paper to fit. Remember you are covering both sides of the envelopes
  3. Adhere the cardstock to both sides of the envelopes
  4. Line the pieces of your scrapbook together. Use a ruler and punch two holes in each piece of cardstock. Remember to line them up and measure each piece so that they are even.
  5. Now embellish each piece any way that you would like
  6. Gather the pages together and insert either the ribbon or the rings through the holes

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