Kudos To One Fine Lady At Michael’s

I am a huge believer in customer service as one of the strongest reason that I will go to any store or online website. So recently, when I was looking for a scoring tool for my new Cricut Explore, I called Michael’s to ask if they had it. One of the clerk’s actually went to the Cricut area of the store to check it out and told me that has it. When my husband made a run to the store for me, he couldn’t find it. He inquired of the clerk about the item and she pulled it out of her pocket. She set it aside for me, cause it was the last one. I appreciate that kind of service. Though I don’t know her name, I know who she is and I will be sure to thank her my next trip in.

One thought on “Kudos To One Fine Lady At Michael’s

  1. CheryFay says:

    That was really nice. I’ve heard of Michaels but dont think there is one in the area. We have a Joann Fabrics I really like. What a nice big craft store. We also another called Hancock Fabrics but not much there but I watch for deals just in case.

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