Preserving Heritage Photographs

Recently, I came into possession of some family heritage photographs. Some were torn and in bad condition. I really wanted to preserve these valuable pieces of history from both my family as well as my husbands side. Here are some considerations for you when you are dealing with old family photos.
First things first ! Always scan these photos into your computer before you go any further. That way you will always retain the originals. I have taken several photos to a local Walgreens to get them restored. I felt that they did a pretty good job for the price. But before I did that, I always scanned the original into my computer.
Share copies of your restored pictures
It’s always a nice gesture to send or make copies of your restored photos to other family members.
Keep the originals in a safe place I retain all originals in a separate file. Each one is in a scrapbook ligin free page cover with as much information as I have available on it.
Now you are ready to make digital scrapbook pages or regular scrapbook pages with your heritage photos

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