Wrapping A Scrapbook Page Like A Package

Have you ever considered wrapping your scrapbook page like a package? This design would be perfect for a Christmas layout or a birthday spread.This design was an idea that I had to use some bright red and gold ribbon that I had.


  • Christmas cardstock
  • Red and Gold Ribbon
  • Curling Ribbon With A Saying Like “Merry Christmas Or happy Birthday
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue dots
  • Journal card
  • Scissors
  • Black Journaling Pen

First I measured the amount of ribbon that I would need to wrap my page and allowed a couple of inches extra. I applied the double sided tape to the ribbon and ” wrapped the page.” I then made a bow and using some double sided tape, I fixed the bow onto the page. I made little wraps for behind the photos and again, using the double sided tape, I fixed the ribbon to the photos. I used glue dots  the four corners of the photo and placed them on the page. I added the little Merry Christmas ribbon with tiny amounts of double sided tape. I wrote on the journal tag and taped it below the ribbon.IMG_0197

One hint for you : Extend the ribbon beyond the page and tape it to the back side

Want More ribbon ideas ? Click here to read How To Use Ribbon On  Scrapbook Pages

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