First Step In Getting Organized

We are going through a system that was invented by Tiffany Spaulding. Tiffany is a scrapbooker who was frustrated with her craft space and invented a system called the scraprack as well as some other craft storage products. And she has set up a group of classes that will teach you how to get organized once and for all. She does feature some of her systems, but she also explains some other options. She really goes into depth with each section. Since I have been following the challenge for some time now, I will add my own insight and some additional resources. I promise these videos will change how you look at your storage and organization.

Challenge One -Getting Started

I will tell you that after this video, I really wanted to get started but use the things that I had at home. So I thought about what I had and found the perfect solution for me, at least for now. I found a 8inch loose leaf binder and some 8 x 10 page protectors and some loose leaf dividers. I set up my four sections to start my thought process and started to get things together. It’s fairly well finished and has been a big leap forward in my craft room organization. But no matter how you store your stuff, you will find the purging fun ! More to follow. Just get started by thinking about your space

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