More Organization Tips And Ideas

We are still getting organized, right? Hope that have gotten some ideas for your storage space ! This was one of my biggest goals for this year. Getting my studio/craft room where it needed to be has been a large undertaking. My husband says he can see the difference. But I am still wanting to get a few things done before my big reveal.

Today I wanted to give you something else to think about. One of my challenges was to get my inks organized. I don’t have nearly as many ink pads as I would like, but before I get some more, what are your favorite ink pads?

I loved this very talented blogger’s ideas for getting her ink pads organized. Just wanted to share. I like her idea about the book, but I also see the point of using the cards on a ring, especially when you are designing. Here’s the links. The She has a terrific PDF sheets listing all the companies for their current color listings. This will be my next project after I finish my room

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Organizing Your Ink Pads

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