Free Images At Cricut Design Space

We are going to be bringing you information about free images and SVGS and fonts as we find them. Our goal is to keep you updated about the freebies that are out there. After all, aren’t we all looking to stretch our craft dollars?

So today we start with the freebies at the Cricut  Design Space. Every week, they offer  several free images that are not available through the design space membership. These are available for a limited time. What I like to do is to create a design with these images and then save it in my file that is part of the design space program. That way I always have it.

If you have the Design Space Program, you will want to check out the freebies this week, before they are gone. It is a very large collection of kitchen type images. There are labels that can be used for your kitchen, lots of tags, pictures of fruits, recipe cards and a lot more. This collection is very large and very nice. Almost looks like a whole cartridge. There are that many images available. I will be posting the projects that I have been working on tomorrow morning.

Click here to learn more about Cricut Design Space

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