10 Inspiring Scrapbook Ideas

Well we got through the tropical storm without any damage in my part of Florida, so life is back to normal. I wanted to give you 10 ideas to help you with your summer scrapbooking. I know the kids are out of school. Couple that with the fact that we are all busy with summer events, I am hoping that these ideas will help make your scrap time more productive

  1. The most simple type of layout you can create is a grid. You simply decide the page into sections that use the photos and embellishment into a grid pattern. We will be talking more about grid patterns later this week.
  2. Use a plate or cup to create a perfect circle
  3. Use a piece of cellophane tape to remove any glitter from your stamps. This is really effective for rubber stamps
  4. If you have any fingerprints or smudges on your photos, you can remove them with a small piece of flannel or a dry baby wipe
  5. Cut a fringe border out of patterned paper to add a nice texture to your pages
  6. To create an antique or retro feel, rub a piece of sandpaper along the edges of your cardstock
  7. If you have a black and white paper, you cam always add color with crayons or markers in the white areas of the pattern
  8. Use a brad in the center of a flower to add some dimension and to adhere it to your cardstock
  9. Save the greeting cards you receive and use some of the elements for your scrapbook pages. You might be surprised what you can get from a couple of cards
  10. Cut bits and scraps of paper into triangles to use them for photo corners. Make sure to use only acid free paper


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