Coloring Pages On Scrapbook Layouts


Two elements from different coloring pages were used in this layout.


All of the elements in your coloring pages can be used to create awesome scrapbook pages. As we said before, if the coloring page is printed on light paper, you can easily scan the page into your computer, then print on cardstock or heavier paper.

You can just use parts  s of the coloring page instead of all of it. The best idea when incorporating coloring pages elements would be to use only one to two photos. Keep it simple , but colorful.IMG_0962 The great thing about using these elements is that you are adding a piece of original artwork that you did in addition to your scrapbook layout.

The combinations of media that you can use is endless. So, I am in the process of making a file of my scanned coloring pages for use in the future.

You can use just about anything to color these elements. I used some pens, some markers and some glitter glue. Next, I am going to experiment with water colors. What are your thoughts on using these elements on scrapbook pages?IMG_0959

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