Perfectly Imperfect Craft Space

Lately, I have been seeing these perfectly beautiful craft rooms all over the place. You see them on facebook and pinterest. I mean these rooms are the mansions of the craft room. I google and my mouth hangs open in perfect wonder at the amount of time, energy and money that have been thrown into these craft spaces. If you are one of those blessed souls, who have one of those gorgeous rooms, I am thrilled for you.

But, just like I will never have a three story house, I don’t see one of those craft palaces in my future, unless I win the lottery, which is also unlikely. But I am thrilled to have my own craft room. I am thrilled that my husband indulges my whims when a new machine or stamp comes out ( My latest acquisition was the Gemini- an electronic embosser and die cutter)

What I am saying is that whatever craft space you have, make it uniquely your own. It can be a small corner of a room, part of a cellar, or just a box that you have your stuff stored in. Love your space whatever it is. Organize it the best way you can within your budget.

Make it your own unique space that reflects your art ! If you have the money to create the best space, enjoy that too. As scrapbook artists, we are constantly evolving,  Enjoy the experience and the ride ! Create a space that is uniquely you !

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