Happy New Year- Lets Get Organized


Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year ! Wishing each of you joy, health, happiness!

Where did the year go, anyway ? Time seems to go faster every year ! Every year I like to finish off the holidays by getting myself organized. Though my studio/office has come a long way, I still find improvements to make to give me more time to do the things I love…my paper crafts.

So follow along as I find things to get life organized…..remember every little thing that you accomplish will help you gain time to scrapbook smarter and get more accomplished.

Step one for me today was to go through all the craft magazines that I have been collecting this year. I gathered them up and went through every one of them. Clipped out the articles and projects that I wanted to save. Then they go into page protectors. I keep a binder with all my clippings. I reduced a shelf and gained a lot of space. So I was happy with this simple step forward.

If you want to keep your craft magazines, place them into a paper storage unit. Or cut a cereal box to make a recycled magazine holder.






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