New Year Organization Plan

Your craft space is where you work and play. We’re focusing on getting off on the right foot by getting organized. I have spent a couple of days organizing my paper stash. What crafter ever feels like they have enough paper? No one that I know of. So, for me reorganizing my paper stash was the perfect way to get started.

I have been using the Scrap Rack for my main organizing tool. It has been the perfect tool for me to get organized. I will be telling you next week, how I got started and what you can do with it. One way of organizing the scrap rack is by colors, or rainbows. I like to think in a specific color when I am doing my pages or any other paper craft. So to have all my paper in colors too, just makes sense for me. If I am looking for things in blue, for example, I know exactly where to go.

Now all my paper is organized in the same way. I already had my specific color paper organized, now I have my printed paper organized the same way. Whatever color I am using, I know where to find the solid and the print paper. I also know where to find other things in the same color range.

While, I have mine in a bookcase, you could do the same thing in any container that you are storing your paper in.

Look at your space and think about how you could improve your storage system. We would love to know how you are storing your paper. Why not share your ideas and thoughts right here

I just scored some really good storage products at They have sales going and I really do well there.

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