Thinking About My Scrapbook Passion

I was giving some thought about my passion for Scrapbooking. If you are a beginner, thinking about starting or maybe already on your way. here are some things that I was thinking about that may also be true for you.

We tend to think that scrapbooking has to be about that perfect event. I guess that we all want to present our family in the best possible light. But that is far from true. Some of my best memories are when things didn’t go exactly right. Your story can include some disasters. because those stories will be long remembered in your family. Think about the funniest memories you have. These are part of your stories too.

You can’t use every photo unless you like to add real bulk to your pages or books. My husband and I got married 5 years ago. I have been going through his photos and scrapbooking out of horrid magnetic albums for a couple of years now. We all do the same thing…We take multiple pictures just in case one did not turn out. I am guilty too. Then we wind up with 5 or 6 pictures of the same thing. You also , like me may find or have a few pictures that are blurry or not useable. You simply need to part ways with them. Decide what you can and want to use. Give the extras away, or make a mini album with them.

It’s ok to experiment and make mistakes ! Like any other art form,  you grow as you learn and experiment ! I tend to think in blocks. So this year I am going to experiment with layouts that have different dimension. I am also going to experiment with some different products like paint, coloring elements and inks. The point is to have fun with different ideas and products. That is what scrapbooking should be about !

While there are tons of products out there, every product may not be right for you. I have thought doing pocket pages. I looked at the products and the ideas behind them and I knew that it wasn’t my style. You will be exposed to lots of different ideas and products if you stick with it. Not all of them will fit your style or budget and that’s ok.

Just remember what making scrapbooks is all about ! It’s about honoring and remembering people, places, events and things. It’s your investment in the history of your family !img_1386



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