Art Journal Basics

Art Journal Basics

Art journals are a form of scrapbook where you create art to express your emotions, ideas and thoughts. It is a collection of many kinds of art forms that express what and who you really are. It is the story of you, your daily life, or the lives of those you love.  This year two of my granddaughters and I are making art journals as a project together. Think about art journaling as another scrappy art form.


My dump recipe journal with notes and comments on the recipes I collect

What can you art journal?

  • Journal about yourself-
  • Journal about a trip
  • Journal about your every day life
  • Journal about what inspires you
  • Journal your own art-doodles, coloring ect. Express yourself any way you want
  • Journal special recipes…where they come from and how they worked out
  • Journal about your spiritual journey
  • Journal about your garden.
  • Journal about your family geneology

A page from my personal journal


Art journals tell your story, so anything goes. Feel free to scrap your journal anyway that you want. There are no rules. You tell your story the way that you want to tell it.

Use a premade journal and save some time. Make sure that the journal that you chose is heavy enough to hold the type of media you are using. Lightweight journals are fine for graphite pencils and colored pencils. you will need havier paper for multi media journals.

Keep your journal handy. I keep my journal in my craft room. I also have a journal travel pack. I have pencils and pens that can travel with me to the airport or doctors office.

Remember that art journals are ongoing. They are only done when you feel they are done. Enjoy the process

What can You Use On and In Your Art Journals?

You can use almost any product in your art journals ! That’s why so many people love to art journal. It is a complete expression of whatever you feel. After all, it’s your expression of your art.

I like to create altered books for art journals; These are books that I find at places like Goodwill or other charity stores. I also find them at garage sales. They are great to repurpose, but you will need to remember that the pages in these books are very light. You will need to adjust your techniques for the lighter paper.

The only thing that you may need to remember is that when you are using watercolors, you may either want to use a heavier paper or use a watercolor paper and then glue or tape it into your art journal. Whatever journal you decide to use, go for the heaviest paper you can find, that will give you more latitude.

Other than that, the world is your oyster ! You can use acrylics, pastels, stamping, chalks, inks, or a combination of all them.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Art Journal Goodies You Cannot t Live Without

Art Journaling For Thankfulness-How to express gratitude in a journ

Lettering In Art Journals-how to add words and letters to your art journals

Tips and Ideas For Using Deco Tape In Art Journals

Need An Art Journal To Get Started?

3L Donna Salazar – Denim Art Journal– really cute denim journal



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