Four Tips For Acrylic (Cling) Stamps

acrylic stampsI use a lot of acrylic (cling stamps) stamps on my scrapbook pages. I am especially fond of my butterfly stamps and my flower stamps. Here are four of my favorite tips to help you use your stamps on your scrapbook pages.

  1. Always stamp a couple of images on the same type of paper before you stamp on yout project. That way you will see how the image looks ahead of time. A lot less disappointment that way.
  2. ┬áNever throw away a stamp if it loses it’s cling. Instead wash both the image side and the flat side in warm sudsy water. Let dry overnight. You have made an investment in your stamp collection. Many time soil and dirt just keep the cling from working. So give it a try
  3. Before you stamp, check the sides of the stamp and the acrylic block. Make sure that there is only ink on the stamp side. Wipe any excess ink with a cloth
  4. Always stamp on a flat smooth sturdy surface, otherwise you may get a blurry or fuzzy image

Happy Stamping !