Coloring Pages In At Journals

IMG_1036.JPGI have been experimenting with coloring pages as another media in my art journals. These pages are in the journal that I am creating for my grandchildren that is my personal story.

An art journal is really a scrapbook of your thoughts, ideas and dreams. It is a look into the person who is you.

For this layout, I took two small coloring pages and colored them with the Papermate Ink Joy Pens. More about them in another post. Once I colored them, of course I had to add some glitter. In this case, I used glitter glue and regular glitter. The little butterflies were the negative part of a cutout from my Cricut.  I am going to add some journaling to explain my love of color.

I used glitter washi tape to add a little more color to the pages. I have lots of odd letters, so I went into my stash and glued them on. There are free coloring pages all over the internet. You could cut out elements from any page to add a little zest to your scrapbook pages too.


Coloring Pages And Scrapbook Design

I have really gotten into coloring pages as part of an element of scrapbook design. Originally when I started with coloring I thought possibly I could use my pages in an art journal. Then I really gave some thought to how I could combine my love of coloring with scrapbook design. Then my imagination started to really give some thought to the process.

The first thing I considered was that I could fussy cut parts of the page that I really liked. Here’s my first attempt at using part o a page as a cut piece.


One of my colored pages fussy cut down to one element

The next thing that I thought was about the kind of media I could use to color the pages of my coloring book for use on my scrapbook pages. I tried using my alcohol pens but they bled through the paper. Water colors also bled through. So it occurred to me that the only thing I could use were my colored pencils. That was fine, but I really wanted to go farther


  • You can scan your coloring pages into  your computer and print them out on watercolor paper or cardstock.  That way you will have a bunch of coloring pages that you can use over and over again. You will also be able to use other media beyond crayons and colored pencils  You can also reprint them as many times as you would like. This is a great idea if you have grandkids.
  • You can scan a colored page into your computer and print it out in color or monochrome ( black and white) There are all kinds of things that you can do with colored pages. Watch here for more ideas.

We will be showing you some more ideas throughout the week. Hopefully you will get your creative juices flowing as we go through the processs.

Paris Art Journal Page

Still working with The Amazing Race Journal Group and we are now in Paris. So my first thought was to create a collage page. I love doing art journals because I get to use up a lot of odds and ends. You might not be able to see the lettering, but it says Flying Off To Paris.

Being part of this group fun and I am learning something new every dayIMG_0781