Baby Layout


IMG_1430.JPGThis is my baby layout. Simple to make. I used a simple clean layout ! It used two of the tags that I posted last week. The frame was already on the picture. I made the hearts and the title background from my Cricut access. The letters were in my stash. Easy, clean and layered.


The second page of the layout is also clean and easy to make. I simply used the announcement. I layered a simple border made with a border punch. The top was a piece of scrap paper was just cut to fit. Had the title in my stash. Added left over hearts and the little rocking horse.

Clean and simple pages are just as nice as the fancy ones. They put the emphasis on the pictures rather than the decor

Simple Tags For Your Scrapbook Pages

If you have an electronic cutting machine, cutting tags for your scrapbook pages are easy to accomplish. Simply cut the shapes for the tags. In this case I used simple shapes. I also made the paper bows. So cute and easy to do. I added some stickers that I had. These were all baby stickers, since I have plans to catch up on some baby pages.

Look through your stash and think about what stickers that you may have. This is a great option for your left over paper stashes. You can use any stickers, flowers, words of phrases that you may have. All you need is some glue. I also edged several of them with my ink pads.

Just about any theme can be covered with these tags. Watch tomorrow and see how I use these on my scrapbook pages.


Coloring Pages In At Journals

IMG_1036.JPGI have been experimenting with coloring pages as another media in my art journals. These pages are in the journal that I am creating for my grandchildren that is my personal story.

An art journal is really a scrapbook of your thoughts, ideas and dreams. It is a look into the person who is you.

For this layout, I took two small coloring pages and colored them with the Papermate Ink Joy Pens. More about them in another post. Once I colored them, of course I had to add some glitter. In this case, I used glitter glue and regular glitter. The little butterflies were the negative part of a cutout from my Cricut.  I am going to add some journaling to explain my love of color.

I used glitter washi tape to add a little more color to the pages. I have lots of odd letters, so I went into my stash and glued them on. There are free coloring pages all over the internet. You could cut out elements from any page to add a little zest to your scrapbook pages too.


How To Make Custom Jewel Dots

There are two ways that you can create custom jewel dots in the exact colors to fit your project. I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have just the right color on hand.

One way is to use your alcohol markers and color them

The second way, if you need quite a few is to use embossing powder. You take the gems and cover them with versamark inks. Then cover that with embossing powder. Use your heat gun to heat the powder and set aside till cool. I get perfect results every time

DIY Stamp Cleaner

I saw this on the internet recently and wanted to share this recipe with you. I am always looking to save money on my craft budget and this fits the bill perfectly. There are only 4 items to the recipe for make it yourself stamp cleaner. If you add all the components up, it would cost about $15 to make a batch. I have seen 2 oz of the same kind of cleaner retail for $6.43 for 2 oz. So you can see that you would save a lot of money .  I save other bottles to store my stamp cleaner in. You should be able to find these ingredients in your local store or pharmacy

DIY Stamp Cleaner

  • 1  4 liter jug of distilled water
  • 2 100 ml bottle of glycerin
  • 6 teaspoons of rosewater (optional)
  • 6 teaspoons of baby wash

This makes so much that you may want to share with some crafting friends