Craft Mats-Types And Uses

cricut-matsMany of us use electronic cutters like Cricuts and Scan n Cuts to cut elements for our scrapbook pages. The mats are the tools where we place our paper so that our cut can be made.

Most companies have three types of mats. Each mat has a specific type of adhesive that matches the weight of the material that it is designed to be used for. Using the proper mat for the material that you are cutting will help guarantee that you will get a clean cut.

The lightweight mat allows you to cut very light weight materials. Think of things like office paper, vellum and light cardstock. This lighter mat has just the right adhesive to grip these lighter weight papers.

The standard grip mat has enough grip to cut most standard cardstock. You can also cut vinyl, iron on and patterned paper.

The stronger grip mats are perfect for heavy weight materials. Think about your specialty cardstock, glitter cardstock, chipboard, and fabric that is stiffened.

Using the right mat for the right project will help you cut and create with far less frustration.