Layer Your Pages

Always  select the colors in your photograph to help you decide what paper and accessories to chose. Clean and neat layouts keep the focus on your subject rather than on the accessories. I love to keep it clean on some of my layouts with a minimum of color. Take a moment to really focus on the colors you have to work with. Then layer your layouts so that the photos are the center point. wrenicycle.jpg

Baby Layout


IMG_1430.JPGThis is my baby layout. Simple to make. I used a simple clean layout ! It used two of the tags that I posted last week. The frame was already on the picture. I made the hearts and the title background from my Cricut access. The letters were in my stash. Easy, clean and layered.


The second page of the layout is also clean and easy to make. I simply used the announcement. I layered a simple border made with a border punch. The top was a piece of scrap paper was just cut to fit. Had the title in my stash. Added left over hearts and the little rocking horse.

Clean and simple pages are just as nice as the fancy ones. They put the emphasis on the pictures rather than the decor

Easy To Make Custom Scrapbook Paper

I love buying scrapbook paper is pads. When you do, you get coordinating papers. So it’s easy to use and it’s generally has a theme.

But I also like to take the same paper and add a personal touch. One of my favorite things to do is to add glitter glue to my pages. Flowers especially adapt to this technique. The little bottles called Stickles have a nice small nozzle. So you can take it and apply it to your paper. If you use glitter glue, make sure to give it enough time to allow it to dry before you add your photos. Generally, I allow it to dry overnight. It does make a nice touch and makes your photos shine.


Simple Tags For Your Scrapbook Pages

If you have an electronic cutting machine, cutting tags for your scrapbook pages are easy to accomplish. Simply cut the shapes for the tags. In this case I used simple shapes. I also made the paper bows. So cute and easy to do. I added some stickers that I had. These were all baby stickers, since I have plans to catch up on some baby pages.

Look through your stash and think about what stickers that you may have. This is a great option for your left over paper stashes. You can use any stickers, flowers, words of phrases that you may have. All you need is some glue. I also edged several of them with my ink pads.

Just about any theme can be covered with these tags. Watch tomorrow and see how I use these on my scrapbook pages.


Product Of The Week

Every week, we are going to introduce you to a Product of The Week. This is a special feature that I have added on every Saturday. This are products that I have used and found to be exceptional values

My pick of the week this week? Has to be the new Spectrum Noir Overlay Pens ! These are pens that can be used on top of other alcohol markers. They add sparkle on top of your alcohol colors. No extra glitter pens needed ! You can use what you have. Good for scrapbooks, cards, coloring books,ect . Make anything glitter.

Three pens for $12.99 nd they are refillable.
To get more information and get your pens, click here.


Simple Weekend Pages


Simple Easter Page


Every page that you do does not have to be intricate or designer. I was caught up in redesigning my craft room this weekend, and just wanted to design some simple layouts. Sometimes, focusing on the pictures themselves are more important than going crazy meeting expectations for the perfect page.

In the second layout, I used a bunch of letters that were not uniform, but still had the same color palette. I like mixing things up once and a while. I never throw a letter away, so I often will mix them up , just to express my artsy side


Easter colors picked out from the background

I used some scraps that I had around to cut the bunnies and the Easter eggs on my Cricut Explore. The design under the EASTER lettering was actually from a line of photo corners that I had cut out ! I just can’t throw anything away !



Simple Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook pages don’t have to be designer type pages. The important thing to remember is that this is your art, your way of remembering your memories.


I know that it has often been stressed to use your handwriting on some of your pages. This has always been something that I have done in the past. But what I have realized is that the new generation is not learning cursive or what we called handwriting. My younger grandchildren cannot even read a handwritten letter. So today my hint is to consider that future generations may not even be able to read your handwriting at all. Just saying, sad but true. I may have to rethink my thought about handwriting. What do you think?


Remember as you are creating your pages, you can always go back and add more to them. As I have grown as a scrapbook artist ( and still am growing), I often go back and look at pages. Then I may decide, and often do add a little more to the page.

Hope you have a great weekend, and keep scrapping !IMG_1000.JPG

The Gemini Machine

Recently I took the plunge and ordered the Gemini. It’s the newest die and embossing machine from Crafters Companion. I actually got it as a birthday gift from the hubby. Just wanted to share with you my personal experience with it.IMG_0992

It was offered at HSN (currently sold out) but I expect that it will be on the Craft day which is August 31st.

The price was $299.95. I know that seems like a lot, but for me, it was well worth the money. It came as a package with all the shims and plates that you need. The there 2 base plates, a metal plate, a magnetic plate, and an embossing plate. My package also came with several dies-16 in all. Also came with an embossing folder.

I have to say that I have always been a Cuttlebug girl ! However, when I am really busy, cranking that baby does get old and time consuming. I will keep my Cuttlebug, cause here in Florida, we have a lot of lightning and having that alternative is always good.

So the Gemini is an electric die cutter and embosser. There are only three buttons to use. An off and on button, a start button and a reverse button. It is really simple to use right out of the box. There is a user manual that explains everything.  It gives very clear direction on how to use the plates with different dies and embiossing  folders.

The machine accommodates all dies and embossing folders, so you can use whatever you have. I found that the machine has more pressure, than hand cranked machines. So you do get cleaner cut and clearer embossing.

I will post more information on a Gemini page this week. I have personally been pleased with the results. More to follow.