Simple Tags For Your Scrapbook Pages

If you have an electronic cutting machine, cutting tags for your scrapbook pages are easy to accomplish. Simply cut the shapes for the tags. In this case I used simple shapes. I also made the paper bows. So cute and easy to do. I added some stickers that I had. These were all baby stickers, since I have plans to catch up on some baby pages.

Look through your stash and think about what stickers that you may have. This is a great option for your left over paper stashes. You can use any stickers, flowers, words of phrases that you may have. All you need is some glue. I also edged several of them with my ink pads.

Just about any theme can be covered with these tags. Watch tomorrow and see how I use these on my scrapbook pages.


Product Of The Week

Every week, we are going to introduce you to a Product of The Week. This is a special feature that I have added on every Saturday. This are products that I have used and found to be exceptional values

My pick of the week this week? Has to be the new Spectrum Noir Overlay Pens ! These are pens that can be used on top of other alcohol markers. They add sparkle on top of your alcohol colors. No extra glitter pens needed ! You can use what you have. Good for scrapbooks, cards, coloring books,ect . Make anything glitter.

Three pens for $12.99 nd they are refillable.
To get more information and get your pens, click here.


Coloring Pages And Scrapbook Design

I have really gotten into coloring pages as part of an element of scrapbook design. Originally when I started with coloring I thought possibly I could use my pages in an art journal. Then I really gave some thought to how I could combine my love of coloring with scrapbook design. Then my imagination started to really give some thought to the process.

The first thing I considered was that I could fussy cut parts of the page that I really liked. Here’s my first attempt at using part o a page as a cut piece.


One of my colored pages fussy cut down to one element

The next thing that I thought was about the kind of media I could use to color the pages of my coloring book for use on my scrapbook pages. I tried using my alcohol pens but they bled through the paper. Water colors also bled through. So it occurred to me that the only thing I could use were my colored pencils. That was fine, but I really wanted to go farther


  • You can scan your coloring pages into  your computer and print them out on watercolor paper or cardstock.  That way you will have a bunch of coloring pages that you can use over and over again. You will also be able to use other media beyond crayons and colored pencils  You can also reprint them as many times as you would like. This is a great idea if you have grandkids.
  • You can scan a colored page into your computer and print it out in color or monochrome ( black and white) There are all kinds of things that you can do with colored pages. Watch here for more ideas.

We will be showing you some more ideas throughout the week. Hopefully you will get your creative juices flowing as we go through the processs.

Making Tags From My Stash

I have been busy making tags from the odds and ends from my stash. I use these on my scrapbook pages to make a focal point on my pages. It’s fun, creative and enjoyable to use some of the little odds and ends in my craft room. The tags were cut from my Cricut Design Space. Bet you can find some odds and ends in your craft area to make some too.


How To Make Custom Jewel Dots

There are two ways that you can create custom jewel dots in the exact colors to fit your project. I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have just the right color on hand.

One way is to use your alcohol markers and color them

The second way, if you need quite a few is to use embossing powder. You take the gems and cover them with versamark inks. Then cover that with embossing powder. Use your heat gun to heat the powder and set aside till cool. I get perfect results every time

Scrapbook page design does not have to drive you crazy. There is just one tip to keep in mind when you are starting on a new page. Create a focal point for that page, even if you are doing a complete layout. In most cases, the focal point would be your photo. So chose the one photo that will be the most important. You can enhance the photo by enlarging it, matting it or creating contrast in it. All the embellishments that you use, should enhance that one focal element. Using this one design tip will help you create a artful pages every time.