Layer Your Pages

Always  select the colors in your photograph to help you decide what paper and accessories to chose. Clean and neat layouts keep the focus on your subject rather than on the accessories. I love to keep it clean on some of my layouts with a minimum of color. Take a moment to really focus on the colors you have to work with. Then layer your layouts so that the photos are the center point. wrenicycle.jpg

Product Of The Week

Every week, we are going to introduce you to a Product of The Week. This is a special feature that I have added on every Saturday. This are products that I have used and found to be exceptional values

My pick of the week this week? Has to be the new Spectrum Noir Overlay Pens ! These are pens that can be used on top of other alcohol markers. They add sparkle on top of your alcohol colors. No extra glitter pens needed ! You can use what you have. Good for scrapbooks, cards, coloring books,ect . Make anything glitter.

Three pens for $12.99 nd they are refillable.
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Simple Weekend Pages


Simple Easter Page


Every page that you do does not have to be intricate or designer. I was caught up in redesigning my craft room this weekend, and just wanted to design some simple layouts. Sometimes, focusing on the pictures themselves are more important than going crazy meeting expectations for the perfect page.

In the second layout, I used a bunch of letters that were not uniform, but still had the same color palette. I like mixing things up once and a while. I never throw a letter away, so I often will mix them up , just to express my artsy side


Easter colors picked out from the background

I used some scraps that I had around to cut the bunnies and the Easter eggs on my Cricut Explore. The design under the EASTER lettering was actually from a line of photo corners that I had cut out ! I just can’t throw anything away !



Simple Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook pages don’t have to be designer type pages. The important thing to remember is that this is your art, your way of remembering your memories.


I know that it has often been stressed to use your handwriting on some of your pages. This has always been something that I have done in the past. But what I have realized is that the new generation is not learning cursive or what we called handwriting. My younger grandchildren cannot even read a handwritten letter. So today my hint is to consider that future generations may not even be able to read your handwriting at all. Just saying, sad but true. I may have to rethink my thought about handwriting. What do you think?


Remember as you are creating your pages, you can always go back and add more to them. As I have grown as a scrapbook artist ( and still am growing), I often go back and look at pages. Then I may decide, and often do add a little more to the page.

Hope you have a great weekend, and keep scrapping !IMG_1000.JPG

Coloring Pages On Scrapbook Layouts


Two elements from different coloring pages were used in this layout.


All of the elements in your coloring pages can be used to create awesome scrapbook pages. As we said before, if the coloring page is printed on light paper, you can easily scan the page into your computer, then print on cardstock or heavier paper.

You can just use parts  s of the coloring page instead of all of it. The best idea when incorporating coloring pages elements would be to use only one to two photos. Keep it simple , but colorful.IMG_0962 The great thing about using these elements is that you are adding a piece of original artwork that you did in addition to your scrapbook layout.

The combinations of media that you can use is endless. So, I am in the process of making a file of my scanned coloring pages for use in the future.

You can use just about anything to color these elements. I used some pens, some markers and some glitter glue. Next, I am going to experiment with water colors. What are your thoughts on using these elements on scrapbook pages?IMG_0959

Coloring Pages And Scrapbook Design

I have really gotten into coloring pages as part of an element of scrapbook design. Originally when I started with coloring I thought possibly I could use my pages in an art journal. Then I really gave some thought to how I could combine my love of coloring with scrapbook design. Then my imagination started to really give some thought to the process.

The first thing I considered was that I could fussy cut parts of the page that I really liked. Here’s my first attempt at using part o a page as a cut piece.


One of my colored pages fussy cut down to one element

The next thing that I thought was about the kind of media I could use to color the pages of my coloring book for use on my scrapbook pages. I tried using my alcohol pens but they bled through the paper. Water colors also bled through. So it occurred to me that the only thing I could use were my colored pencils. That was fine, but I really wanted to go farther


  • You can scan your coloring pages into  your computer and print them out on watercolor paper or cardstock.  That way you will have a bunch of coloring pages that you can use over and over again. You will also be able to use other media beyond crayons and colored pencils  You can also reprint them as many times as you would like. This is a great idea if you have grandkids.
  • You can scan a colored page into your computer and print it out in color or monochrome ( black and white) There are all kinds of things that you can do with colored pages. Watch here for more ideas.

We will be showing you some more ideas throughout the week. Hopefully you will get your creative juices flowing as we go through the processs.