Easy and Clean Layout



Clean pages actually focus the eye directly on the photo

Recently I made a page for my grandson. I didn’t want it frilly, just clean and neat. All I did was layer the photo, create a simple title and add a little design. The elements were cut on my Cricut electronic cutter. I am challenging you to look at your layouts with a clean and easy  design



Been MIA

I apologize that I have been MIA of late.  We have had some major work in my home. We had floors replaced in two rooms and everything, and I mean everything, was put into my craft room and study. That meant that I have had no access to anything. Took three days longer to do the rooms and then we had to replace everything back to their places. We are all done now and things are back to normal. I appreciate your patience. I will be back tomorrow,

Scrapbook Page Made With Scraps

img_1267I am a saver of scrap paper. I cannot bear to throw away the smallest scraps. I know that’s kind of OCD , but I have always felt a responsibility to Mother Nature to use as much as possible. So I keep the little shreds of paper. So, this page has used some of my scraps to make a simple three photo layout. When you are designing your pages, think about the resources that you might have laying about.

How To Fix Smudges On Your Pictures

Photos, especially if laying around your drawers or in those dreaded magnetic albums, are prone to get dusty and get smudges. WE all share them by passing them around and handling them. So, keep a small piece of flannel or a dry baby wipe around to wipe the smudges and dust off your photos before you scrap them.

Product Of The Week


I know that organizing your craft space is a chore. But honestly if you have invested in tools as I have, it’s important to keep your tools in good condition. Todays product of the week is an organizer for your colored pencils. I am excited to share this item because when you store your pencils in this holder, you will have less chance of them breaking. They are also very visible, so you can organize them in there color families. At under $11, I have to strongly recommend this product as a perfect pick of the week.