Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking Basics

Lots of people like digital scrapbooking. For many this is an easier way to archive their family memories. There is less of a storage issue and less products to buy. Scrapbooks are stored on a hard drive and pages are created on the computer. I think there are advantages to both the traditional scrapbooks as well as the digital end too. We are adding lots of resources for our digital scrapbook friends

The easiest way to get started is to use digital scrapbook software. If you decide to use a software product, make sure that you know how to use it. Read the instructions and follow the tutorials provided, that way you will get the most from your experience.

Things To Consider

You may have to resize your photos to be proportionate to your scrapbook page. It’s always a good idea to resize before you move the photo on the page. A program like Photoshop will help you make those adjustments.

Articles On Digital Scrapbooking

Why I Love Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking Tools


Digital Scrapbooking Programs

Check out Forever Artisan

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