Mini Scrapbooks

Mini Scrapbooks

Mini scrapbooks are a fun way to create a little gift, or tribute for a special occasion. They are a scrapbook, but in a smaller size. They have all the same elements that a regular scrapbook has, just in a smaller version. They can utilize a very small album or be made from scratch. You can use anything from cardboard to paper bags to create your special and unique piece of art.

The most popular sizes are 6″x ” and 8″ x 8″. They often carry a theme, and use similar types of paper and embellishments. But each page is not a carbon copy of the other.

You can buy chipboard mini albums that already bound and ready to decorate. You can create your own mini scrapbook from just about any material you can think of. The sky is the limit. You can use almost any material from yarn to brads and everything in between to bind your mini-scrapbook.


Mini Album Ideas And Tutorials

Cereal Box Mini Album

File Folder Mini Album– Made from one file folder. Great for beginners


Mini Album Resources

Want to learn more about mini albums? Check our resource guide to get more tutorials and ideas. Just click on the resource name and enjoy !

Scrapbook Crazy-huge resource for all things mini

Outstanding Mini Albums

Make A Mini Album From Scratch– Really nice tutorial


Mini Album Facebook Groups

Making Mini Scrapbooks


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