Choosing A Scrapbook Album

Choosing A Scrapbook Album

There are several types of scrapbook albums that you can chose to create and preserve the memories of your life and your photos.  Your choice of album depends on your personal preference and your needs. You might chose one type of album if you are going to scrapbook a specific event. If you were making a scrapbook for an individuals life, you might make a different choice.

First thing to consider when choosing a scrapbook is the size.  The most commonly used album size is 12 x 12 inches. Depending on the design of your individual pages, this size enables you to get several pictures plus journaling on each page. Pages can hold as many as 12 pictures, depending on the page design.

Smaller Sized Albums

The 8.5 x 11 inch album is usually used for a specific event or a theme. It generally allows 2 pictures per page.

Other sizes that are readily available include:

8×8 inch

6×6 inch

5x 7 inch


Basic Kinds Of Albums

  • D Ring Album is very much like a loose leaf binder. The rings open up to accommodate the pages. The binder features insure that the pages always lie flat. Pages are easily arranged.
  • Strap Hinge Albums have a plastic strap that run through wire loops along one side of the album
  • Post Bound Albums have metal posts that screw together to hold the pages together. The page protectors have holes that fit on the posts. The protectors can hold two pages- one on each side. The pages slide into the protectors from the top
  • Book Bound Albums are bound just like a book. They cannot be rearranged.
  • Spiral Bound Albums– Smash albums have been the most popular brands. They are often have pre decorated pages. Often used for art journals
  • Pre-done Albums or Kits– These are already decorated and include pre-done pages. All you have to do is tape in your pictures. Great for beginners and those who want to make a quick gift album.


Another thing to consider is the type of cover the album has. Covers range in price depending on the type of album, the size of the album and the materials used for the album. There are albums that are made with linen covers, leatherette and leather covers too. Many theme albums have a printed and covered paper type of cover. There are albums that have solid covers. There are also albums that have printed and themed colors. Some, like the post albums are expandable. There are thinner albums and thicker ones.

While only you can determine the price point that you want to spend on an album, think about durability when you are deciding on a specific scrapbook album. You will also want to think about storing your albums. Where will you be keeping them ?

How To Choose Your Scrapbook Album?

  1. Select the size that is best for your project ! That includes the size of the pages and the thickness of the album
  2. Select the binding that you want to work with
  3. Think about the kind of color, pattern or theme  that you would like to have
  4. Consider the price point where you would like to be

Album Accessories

Page Protectors

These are “covers ” that protect your scrapbook pages. They come in several different sizes to match the albums you have selected. Most albums come with several page protectors already loaded into the album. Some can be loaded from the top. Others load from the bottom.

Spine Extenders

These pieces of cardboard or plastic help you keep your album from looking like an alligator mouth. That is to say, you album will lie flatter and be easier to store. You place them every 5-10 pages. For the price, they are a must have accessory. They often come with some page protector sets.

Extension Posts

These add width to your albums. This is an accessory for post bound albums. They often come with page protector sets, but can also be purchased separately. They are screwed on top of the post. They come in different sizes , so it’s important to know which manufacturer made the

Always put a sticky note inside your album that reminds you the kind of page protectors that you used with the album. Or you can make a little pocket with an envelope inside your album and place the product information for the page protectors inside the envelope. You cam also place information about the page peg expanders as well.