Sorting Photos

Sorting Photos

Before you can get started doing scrapbook pages, you really need to consider the photos that you may want to work with. Getting started is easy once you take that first step. And that first step is sorting and organizing your photos.  I know that the task sounds to huge to even think about. But it doesn’t have to drive you crazy.

Here’s what you need to get started. These are my favorite products for the job.

Photo storage box. The that  I use is  a plastic container . It holds 600 photos and has inserts. You can also use cardboard photo boxes often on sale – 6 boxes for $10 on sale at your local box craft store.  Either one of these products can be used over and over again.

A photo marking pencil. You can write on the back of the photo without making a mark. Useful for making notes on the back of the picture

Before you get started, get any pictures that you may have in those old magnetic albums out of there. Your pictures are getting faded and ruined in those albums. If the pictures are difficult to lift off the page, use some dental floss behind the pictures to gently lift them away.

Clear the largest table that you have so that you have space to sort your photos.

There are different ways to sort photos depending on the information that you know about the pictures. Here are the ways to sort your photos:

  1. Sort By Year– that will be easy for the last 5 years, but will be more difficult with older pictures
  2. Sort By Occasion– birthdays, holidays, events such as weddings and graduations.
  3. Sort By Seasons– winter , spring, summer and fall
  4. Sort By Person– One section for each member of your household or other persons you are close to

As you are sorting your photos, write on the back with a photo pencil or on a sticky note attached to the back of the photo whatever you can remember about it. Never use a ball point pen or a pencil to write on your photos they will leave marks.

Now box up your photos and label the boxes. They will be ready for you to get scrappy with !

Never store your photos in an attic or a garage ! The heat in these locations will eventually cause your photos be destroyed. Even the dampness of cellars can be considered to be a threat to your photos.

One final thought.  Old generational family photos should be scanned into your computer. Just in case for some reason they are ruined. You also might want to consider putting your photos on a DVD. Store them in a deposit box or with a family member. That way, you will always have them, if for some reason your home is destroyed

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