Patterned Paper Ideas

Patterned Paper Ideas

There are four basic types of patterned paper for you to chose from. There is the popular floral print, geometric, motif and pictoral.

  1. Floral is a print that contains flowers. They can be large or small.
  2. Geometric is a paper that has specific forms on it. They are circles, rectangles, triangles and other basic shapes.
  3. Motif pattern is repeated images. They can be abstracts that are based on geometric shapes.
  4. Pictoral has a distinct image on the paper.

How can you use floral paper?

Patterned paper can support the theme of your page. It can also set a tone or a mood. You can use it as a backdrop to your scrapbook page or layout. Patterned paper is perfect to add a bit of contrast to your page.. Adding bright bits adds interest to your page. You can use it to accent your page title. You can also make strips with it to create a pattern on your layouts.


Patterned paper be used in dozens of designs to create perfect scrapbook pages. Here are some quick ideas to get your creative juices flowing

  1. Cut Circles of Patterned Paper-It fills your design with movement. You can cut in with a circle cutter or an electronic cutter. You can also any round object like a paper plate, cup or glass to trace to trace your circle. Die cuts come in circles too.
  2. Round The Corners Of Patterned Paper- Use a corner rounder punch to soften your paper You can divide a layout into sections with different or coordinating papers rounded to give more interest
  3. Cut  The Patterned Paper Into A Wave -Place it in the foreground and add pictures behind it
  4. Use Small Rectangles To Fill Spaces- A great way to use your scrap patterned paper
  5. Use it as a tag  or a photomat
  6. Make a patterned banner to accent your layout

Patterned paper can be used as a canvas or background page for your scrapbook pages. Just use solid color mats to separate photos from your patterned paper. Likewise, you can also use patterned paper as a mat. The only thing you need to do is put a piece of solid colored paper between the photo and the patterned paper