Creating A Scrapbook Page

Creating A Scrapbook Page

IMG_1051A scrapbook page isn’t really that difficult to create. There are only a few things to understand about your pages.

What are the components of a scrapbook page?

Background Paper

This is the paper that is the structure of your page. Everything rests on this paper platform. It needs to be sturdy and cut to the size of your page. It can be a single color or a patterned paper.

The Photos

You select the photos that you want to appear on the page, based on the size of the page and the design that you chose

Page Title

Tells what your story is about


Journaling tells the story of your page. Can be done is your own handwriting or printed out on a computer

Page Protector

A plastic sleeve that is acid free that holds your scrapbook page in an album.

Optional Additions To Your Design

  • Borders- A decorative piece of paper that accents the side of a page
  • Photo Mats-Pieces of complimentary or contrasting paper that are placed between a picture and the background paper
  • Embellishments-Any decoration that is added to a scrapbook page.

The design of your scrapbook page is called a layout. Your page can be a single page layout or a double page layout. A double page layout carries a design across two pages that are laying side by side.

More Ideas for Beginning Scrapbook Artists


For those just beginning to dabble in scrapbooking, the easiest way to design a page or a whole album is to use a kit. A scrapbook kit is generally themed to a specific subject matter like a wedding, a baby, a birthday, ect. It generally contains an album that is pre loaded with page protectors, some pre designed scrapbook pages and some decorations for the page (also called embellishments) All you need is some scrapbook glue or tape and maybe a journaling pen. This is an easy way to get started, especially if you want to create a gift album for a special occasion.

Remember, that a scrapbook page is simply you telling the story of your life. It really doesn’t have to be challenging at all. Start simply, you can always add more later.

Design Ideas For Scrapbook Pages

  1. Designate Your Focal Point For Each Page- The focal point is where you want the viewers eye to see first. It is generally a picture. Chose that picture and design around it, even if you add additional photos
  2. To create an eye catching design, design your elements on the point of a triangle
  3. Use repetition. It can be repeats of colors, shapes, textures or sizes.
  4. Chose a color for your design that either blends or contrasts your focal point.
  5. Always layout the elements of your page before you glue or tape them. That way you can make any changes !

How To Get Started

  1. Chose one, two or three photos that tell a story together
  2. Look at the photos and chose a color or theme that helps you tell your story.
  3. Crop ( cut the photos down). Crop any thing that confuses your images
  4. Mat the photo. Matting is simply a piece of cardstock that is usually a solid color. It is a frame that is behind the photo
  5. Place the photos on the paper until you have a pleasing effect
  6. Add a Title . A title is just a word or group of words that tell your story
  7. Add some journaling. That is to talk about the pictures on your pages.
  8. Add some embellishments ( things that enhance your page )
  9. Place into a page protector and into an album