Craft Inks And Stamping

Craft Inks And Stamping


There are several different types of craft inks. Each has it’s on use. When you understand how to use them, your art will become even better and your will have more satisfaction. You may use inks in scrapbooking to create backgrounds, in titles, to distress a mat for your photos, in journaling and more.

Here are some of my favorite ink pad tips:

  1. You should start your purchases with basic colors. Black and brown will be used most often ! Start with the basic colors and add to your collection as tome goes on.
  2. Whenever possible, buy ink pads that have refills. That makes your purchase more reasonable. I always buy the refills with the pad. That way if the manufacturer discontinues the item, you have plenty of ink.
  3. Always store your pads face down, so that the ink will be on top of the pad.
  4. Always cover the pad in between use. That way your ink will stay juicy longer.
  5. Make sure that your stamps or brushes are clean before use. That way you do not take a chance of color contamination
  6. Do not stamp on porous paper like construction or typing paper. Most inks will bleed and not give a clear image
  7. Make sure that your stamps are clean before you add ink. That ways you won’t contaminate your colors with ink from another pad.
  8. Ink pads can also be used for coloring images. Use a paintbrush, a stencil brush or ink blending tool.
  9. Keep a pack of baby wipes nearby. They are great to clean your fingers and hands with. That way, you won’t get your fingertips on your projects.
  10. Use your ink pads to create colorful backgrounds. Mask any stamped images before applying background color.
  11. Blend your own ink colors. Transfer inks onto an acrylic block and blend them together to create new colors.

Ombre Inks

Ombre ink pads are very unique and one the newest types of inks on the market. They are multiple shades of the same color on one pad. Individual ink pads are positioned next to each other from light to dark.

Pigment Ink

Pigment inks are rich in color.

Pigment ink is your go to ink for a lot of your embossing techniques. It floats on top of the paper rather than sinking into the paper. It is a  slow drying ink, therefore it is the go to ink for embossing. It is also versatile in that it can be shaded. The lighter color inks will show up on darker colored paper. You will find lots of everyday uses for pigment inks. They are sold on spongy pads, so beware of over-inking your pads. They can easily be cleaned up with water. The Color Box line does come with refills

Chalk Inks

Chalk inks often come in color groups.

Chalk inks are type of pigment ink that have a powdery mat, much like chalk when dry. They have a the vibrance of pigment ink, but can be blended like a dye ink. They dry fairly quickly, so they are not good to heat emboss.

Solvent Based Inks

StazOn is great for stamping on glossy surfaces. It won’t smudge once it has dried.

Solvent based inks are quick drying, permanent inks. They are good for any type od cardstock or acetate. They can be used on glass or metal too.

Dye Based Inks

Dye based ink pads are the essentials of your stamping. Many dye based inks can be used on glossy surfaces as well as foil and polymer clay.

Dye inks are your go to ink for all of your general stamping needs. It’s a hard felt pad which causes less over-stamping. This type of ink gives sharp images. Some of these inks are waterproof and others are not. So you will want to look at the pad label before you try any water coloring techniques. The pad should say water proof or permanent. Most of these pads are fade resistant which helps long term scrapbook pages stay fresh.

Distress Inks

Distress inks are designed to give you a special finish. They are dye based inks that are slower  drying and permanent.  They can be used on all kinds of cardstock, including glossy paper. They can also be used on acetate, shrink plastic, foil and glass. They are fun to work with and can be blended.

Metallic Inks

These are slow to dry inks that produce a glittery metallic color. The  most popular shades in these inks are copper, gold and silver. But you can also find versions in standard colors as well. You will get different results on different types of paper. These metallic inks show up best on darker papers.

Versa Fine

Fast dying, oil based inks, that can be used to create images on paper that are waterproof and will not smear. This ink is fade resistant . It’s great for stamping designs with fine detail. Would also be the perfect ink to use if you are planning on water coloring a stamped image.

Versa Mark

This is a thick, slow drying ink used mostly for heat embossing. But it can also be used to apply fine glitter, chalk and pearl powders. It is also called watermark ink, because it creates a slightly darker impression than the color of the paper you are stamping on.

Featured Items

Ranger Distress Inks

Distress ink pads often come in bundles. They are easy to use and can be refilled.

You have to love the Ranger Distress Mini Ink Pads. They are economical and refillable, so you ca be sure that you will always have a nice wet pad. The mini are nice to use to add “edges” around mats and other pieces where you want to add depth.

If you re ink an ink pad, always use the same ink to get the best results

How will you use inks and stamps on your scrapbook pages?

  • Create stamped images that you can cut out and use as embellishments on your pages
  • Create stamped edges on a page that makes the page looked aged or distressed
  • Add and create a custom look to your papers Color letters and embellishments

List Of Inks To Get You Started

Clearsnap ColorBox Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Ink Pads Queue – Twist– Soft collection that is perfect for baby pages ! Gives a soft powdery look
Stewart Superior – Memories Dye Ink Pads – Brown– Basic brown is used for fall pages
Stewart Superior – Memories Dye Ink Pads – Cherry Red– Cheery red used for Christmas and Valentine pages
Stewart Superior – Memories Dye Ink Pads – Violet– Used for Easter and Spring pages