Scrapbook Embellishments

Scrapbook Embellishments

Embellishments are the jewelry of our scrapbook pages. From stickers, to rhinestones, to pearls, I love them all. Adding that little bling brings dimension and beauty to every page. It’s a personal choice and it’s up to you how much bling and embellishments you decide to use.

Never use loose glitter ! If it is not sealed right, it will become loose . It can damage photos ! Use glitter items that are specifically made for scrapbooks.

The Rule Of Three
There is a rule that is fairly basic and applies to adding embellishments to your pages. The eye likes uneven numbers is design-especially the number three. Think of clusters or rows, anything that you place in groups of threes. You can repeat groups, but keep them the same number in the groups and you will have lots of uniformity on your pages.

  • Place things in clusters. It keeps the theme together and cohesive
  • Put embellishments on the edges of photos, blocks and mats. It grounds them to your page.
  • Sprinkle them in bare places on your page. They don’t have to be in a line.
  • Put them in a page corner. It keeps focus on your page
  • Line them up for a clean graphic look. But the line does not have to be straight
  • Stack them up on several lines. It gives a real pop when you stack letters and sayings
  • Put them in compartments like boxes, triangles and squares
  • Go crazy and put them everywhere! It’s your art work !

Remember to match the size of your embellishments with the images in the photo.  Try to make them smaller than the image not that the image does not disappear. If you embellish too much, you will lose the pictures altogether.

Free Downloadable Embellishments  ( Printable & For Digital Scrapbook Pages )

Large collection of printable and downloadable embellishments

Creating  Your Own Embellishments

Embellishments are easy to make on your own with a few tools and some imagination. If you have an electronic cutter then there are already more than enough projects to keep you busy. If you have a manual die cutter then your dies can easily act to create a terrific supply of all kinds of embellishments from butterflies to flowers to tags.

Punches are another fun way to create very special personalized things to enhance your scrapbook page


Flower embellishments can be used on so many pages. It’s always great to have a collection of them handy. Never use dried flowers or silk flowers of any kind. All plants contain lignin. This will ruin your paper and photos. Silk flowers go through an acid bath that will permanently destroy your pages over time.

You can make your own flowers or purchase them from your local craft store.

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