Pens, Markers And Colored Pencils

Pens, Markers And Colored Pencilsmarkers

Craft pens are one of the most widely used tool for your scrapbook pages. They come in just about every color you can think of.  Some can be used to journal in your own handwriting. The can outline an area where you want to create a focus. Some can color right on the rubber stamp. You can also use them to change the color of an embellishment. Some have a fine tip and others have a brush tip. Some pens have a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other.

The ink in the craft pen, will determine how fast or slow the ink will dry. Some pens have a faster drying time, based on the fact that their ink is alcohol based. Those types of pens would be perfect to color with,  but would not ne good to ink a stamp. Others have a water based ink and these will dry slower. That makes them good for use in stamping an image

Some companies make craft pens that are complimentary to their ink pads. They will match those color hues.

Pans and markers are sold singly or in a pack.

You want to make sure that the pens and markers that you use on your scrapbook pages are acid free and archival quality. These marker pens are guaranteed to last for many years to come.

You can always buy inexpensive pens in discount stores with names that are not familiar. But my experience is that you get what you pay for. I have bought some lower priced pens, that simply did not hold up.

Have you thought about the many ways markers and colored pencils can be used on your scrapbook pages?

  1. Use them to color images that you have stamped. I love adding stamped images to my scrapbook pages. They add a unique personalized touch. I often take tags, and sections of pages that I have colored to create embellishments that are my own creation.
  2. Add distress to edges of mats, letters and other ephemera.
  3. Recolor buttons and other embellishments. Have you ever been creating a page just to realize that you are missing a piece in the color you need? You can take an alcohol marker and re color just about anything
  4. Journal with markers and colored pens. Who says that your journaling has to be in  black?
  5. Use them to create “doodles on your pages. You can doodle around the edges of pages. You can doodle tags, Just think outside the box


There are many different types of markers available. The market has been wide open on markers and new products are coming out monthly. Here are a few of the more popular types that you can consider.

Alcohol Markers

the two most popular alcohol markers are Spectrum Noir and Copic. These markers generally have two tips – a broad tip and a chisel tip. They are refillable and they have replaceable nibs. They blend beautifully and come in a broad range of colors.

Felt Tipped Pens

They are very affordable, but are not refillable, so once the pen is dry, you are done and need to replace it. The come in a range of tips that allow you to do fine lines to broader strokes and come in a variety of colors. The finer tipped pens often come in sets of three while the colored ones often come in sets. You can also buy them as single pens.  There are basically two types of felt tip pens. ne has a plastic nib housed within a metallic type of funnel. The other is a porous tip that is shaped with a pointed tip. These types of pens tend to lose their shape over a period of time.

Unless They are alcohol pens, most pens are either water based or pigment based.

You will want to chose a quality pen for your scrapbook pages. Using a less expensive [product will yield poor results and get you frustrated. You will want to know that the pens you are choosing are acid free and permanent.

Check our marker page for more information, techniques and product information.

Colored Pencils

colored pencils1

Colored pencils can be used to color stamped images and create unique artwork. They are blendable with solution, stumps and blending pens. Unlike alcohol markers, they do not bleed through paper, so youi can use them on just about any paper you may have. There are so many choices with colored pencils in colors and hues. They can be purchased in sets. And if taken care of correctly, they will last for a long time.

There are different grades of colored pencils. If you purchase a very inexpensive set, you will be very disappointed with the results. You should buy a good quality set with at least three varying colors for each set. Check out our page on colored pencils to learn more. We will have techniques, ideas and projects very soon.

Water Color Pencils

These are pencils that are made to react with water and create a water color type image. They color like pencils. Then with a very fine water color pen, you activate the color. It is a fun way to create some very unique techniques for back ground images and tags. They are a little more expensive than regular water color pencils, but they blend beautifully.

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