Colored Pencils-Tips And Ideas

colored pencils1Colored Pencils-Tips And Ideas

Colored Pencils are a staple in scrapbooking techniques, especially water colored pencils. I use them to color handmade embellishments. I really  like to use them to color flowers and other things that I may stamp, color and use on my scrapbook pages. Colored pencils are more economical than markers and pens. They last much longer.

I am fond of taking parts of adult coloring pages that I have colored in and use them on my scrapbook pages. Lots of fun ! You get double duty out of your coloring pages and books ! Even better ! Scan your coloring pages into your computer. Print them on cardstock or water color paper ! Color away ! Fussy cut them and use them on your layouts.

You don’t have to be a dedicated artist to use them. With just a few techniques, you will be surprised what you can do.

So where would you use colored pencils in scrapbooking?  Well for starters, you would use them to color elements for your scrapbook pages. You can use them to color stamped images that you want to use as embellishments on your pages. You can free hand draw an element and color it in with your colored pencils. You can color in page titles and letters. You could even use them with your journaling.

Colored Pencil Technique Ideas

  • Store your colored pencils securely. Dropping or knocking your colored pencils can break the lead inside. That will lead to problems when sharpening them. Use a container to store them. You made an investment in them, so protect your investment.
  • If you are sharpening your pencil, be sure to sharpen in a circle Try not to rock them back and forth
  • Remember, different papers will produce different results. A smooth paper will produce smooth color. A rougher paper will show lots texture. You can decide what it is you want to do.
  • If you are blending two pencils, make sure to match pressure with sharpness. The sharper your pencil, the lighter the pressure. Using heavy pressure with a sharp pencil, is likely to either break the tip off the pencil-which may lead to a tear.
  • You can use paper stumps, paper towels, blending solutions , and even baby oil to blend your pencils.  Never use your fingers to blend your pencils. Your fingers have oils that will go directly to the paper. That oil can compromise what the piece looks like

Colored Pencil Basics

Colored pencils are either wax based or watercolor. You will want to start with a medium waxed base pencil. They will travel well and lay down your color well. You get what you pay for, so if you buy a brand that is low quality, you will get very frustrated very quickly. Within the pencil is embedded the color pigment. There is a talc filling. The wax holds it all together. The less expensive the pencil, the more filler and less pigment. So, on the less expensive pencils, you will get a less rich color and more filler. Try to stay with a set of mid range pencils or jump to a higher priced set.



Spectrum Noir Colored Pencils There are two main sets in the blendable pencils. Essentials and Primaries as well as three additional sets to chose.  They come in groups of three color families. They have a soft lead that makes for easy blending. They have a high vivid color that will work with the Spectrum Noir alcohol pens. These pencils are waterproof.

Spectrum Noir Pencil Resources

Pencil Charts– All the colors as well as a chart that you can fill for your self

Coloring Grass With Pencils

PrismaColor Colored Pencils

There are a host of different types of Prisma Color pencils to meet your needs. The choice is yours depending on your needs and budget. Their line of Scholar and soft core pencils are probably your best bet.

PrismaColor Resources

PrismaColor Pencil Chart

Water Color Pencils

They are a bit more expensive than the regular colored pencils. They have more vibrant colors and blend beautifully. The downside is that you need to use watercolor paper or very heavy cardstock.

Colored Pencil Tips

  • Always keep your pencils sharp
  • Build up color layer by layer
  • Use a paint brush right away to get any flakes away
  • When sharpening a colored pencil, twirl it in the sharpener rather than rocking the pencil back and forth. You will have less breakage
  • The type of paper that you use will result in different textures when you use colored pencils. A smooth paper will result I’m smoother color, while a rougher surface  will show more texture
  • You can use a blender pencil or a white colored pencil to blend you color
  • Add white highlights with a very tiny brush and a small amount of white paint. This works great where you want to add a bit of white to the center of a flower. You can also use a whitre pen for the same look

Baby Oil Technique

  1. Use a permanent ink or marker to create your image. Specifically Stazon  ink or Micron markers. If you do not use a permanent marker, the images will bleed.
  2. Fill your surface with a light layer of color with the colored pencils.
  3. Use a cotton swab or a blending stump to dip into the baby oil and blot on a paper towel. You need to remove any excess oil.
  4. Lightly rub the oil into the color.
  5. Or you can put the baby oil onto the surface and then use the colored pencils to create a velvety look.


Colored Pencil Resources

Shading With Pencils– excellent tutorial-good to print

Water Colors Pencils

These are pencils that are dry when applied and actually act like water colors when you apply water to the colored area.

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