My Collection Of Markers And Pens

Pens and markers are one of the most popular tools for your scrapbook pages. They give a very smooth finish. there are no lines to contend with. The ink flows smoothly and they are easier to color with. They can color on multiple surfaces, so not only will you use them for your scrapbook pages, but also for your card making and other crafty projects. Some pens are refillable ( most of the alcohol pens are and the nibs are replaceable.

The only thing that you have to consider with some of them is that they will dry up if the lid is left on loosely or left off completely. Some, like the alcohol markers may bleed through thin paper, so you need to use higher quality paper. I also recommend using a piece of scrap paper underneath any time you are using markers. The only other thing to know is that some markers may take a little time to dry.

You will notice that many of the colored pencils and markers have color charts. These charts help you keep track of what you have in your stash. I keep my color charts in a notebook in page protectors. I keep a couple of charts inn the same protector, so that I can redo a chart if necessary. It helps me keep an accurate account of my materials.

Which pens are better than others ? There is no clear answer on that one. Everyone has their preferences. I am fond of the Spectrum Noir line. They are excellent pens that are a little more reasonably priced than the Copic markers. I also like the Spectrum Noir Resources. However lots of people like the Cameleon pens too. The best thing that I can tell you is to try out a package of each and see which ones suit you.


Anyone Can Scrapbook Tip : Always store alcohol markers horizontally. That way your ink will flow to both ends when you go to use them.


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Alcohol Based Inks

Chameleon Pens-They are more than just a pen, they provide you with the ability to change colors. They have refillable and replaceable nibs. They have a bullet tip and a brush tip. They are considered compatible with other alcohol inks and are considered permanent. Come in packs of 5.

Cameleon Resources and Tips

Create And Craft has lots of videos on techniques and projects

Cameleon Charts and Color Wheel– helps you organize your pens and understand the shades

Find out how reasonable it is to get started with copic markers. Click on the image to learn more


Copic Markers Alcohol based inks that come in 350 colors. They are refillable with replacement nibs. They are considered non-toxic and acid free. They feature a broad tip and a thin tip. They also have a wide pen.

Copic Resources And Tips

Copic Color Chart

Copic Color Chart For you to fill in

Free Copic Marker Beginner Class– Really nice way to get started with copic markers

Copic Classes


Great starter set for Spectrum Noir at a great price. Click on me to learn more

Spectrum Noir Pens There are 168 colors in this alcohol based pen collection. They come in sets of 6 and 24 pen sets. They have a broad chisel tip and a fine bullet tip. There is also a brush nib tip that is interchangeable, but sold separately. They are sold in color tonal sets. Markers are refillable.They come in a regular pen line as well as a Colorista line. The colorista line has finer dual tips that make coloring easier. They come in sets of six.

Spectrum Noir Resources and Ideas

Marker Coloring

Marker Techniques

Marker Color Charts

Gel Pens

They are a pen that uses a gel based ink that has the permanence of a ballpoint ink and the smooth glide of a water based ink. They are mostly sold in sets. Generally speaking, pens are more economical is sets. But I have also bought them as a single item to replace a dry pen from the set.

Jelly Roll (Sakura of America)-These are archival, water proof and fade proof pens. They are considered archival. They come in a variety of sets and color groups

Pigment Based Ink Pens

Pigma Micron-Permanent fade resistant ink pens that will not bleed. They are considered archival pens that come in 6 different size nibs. These pens are the best pens for use in journaling. They come in 15 colors, but not all sizes are available in each color.

This essentials set is pa perfect starter set. Click on the image to learn more

Water Based Inks

Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers-Each of these markers have a brush tip and a fine tip. They can be diffused with water. They are acid free and non toxic. There are four sets in the collection. Each set has sox colors.

Tombow Markers– These are pens that have both a fine tip and a brush tip. They come in 96 colors. They are a water based ink  acid free markers. Colorless blender softens and blends the colors. Creates a water color effect. They are considered non toxic and are good for use with rubber stamps Come in sets of 10 and are considered acid free.

Glitter Pens

Copic Glitter Pens-Contains pigment based , nontoxic, acid free ink. They are archival and considered to have a no clog tip. Company claims that the pens will write for 360 yards. Set is 12 pieces.

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens-There are 18 colors in this collection. They are sold in sets of 3 or 12. They have a fine flexible nylon brush

Wink Of Stella Pens – These pens add a lot of a glitter shine to all your pages. They are waterproof, lightproof , photo safe and acid free. The pen in this set has a 0.8 fine tip pen marker tip. Add glistening patterns, intricate lines of shimmer to all kinds of projects and art work. They come in 15 colors. the brush tip acts like a paint brush !

wink of stella color chart

How To Take Care Of Your Pens

Always make sure to replace the lid of your pens right away when not in use. Always follow the manufacturers suggestion for storing your markers. Store them horizontally. Replace the nibs when they become out of shape. Test your pen on a piece of scrap paper before you use them to make sure that there is enough ink.

Marker Accessories

Alcohol pens have re-inkers to add new ink to the pens. These reinkers come in the colors of the original pen. As you use your pens, you will want to replace the ink. The replacement ink has the same number as the original pen. So you would order it by the number on the cap of the pen. . The reinkers are very reasonable in price. They will last for a considerable amount of time.


Keeping a set of replacement nibs is always a good idea. Nibs wear down and dry, so it’s a good idea to keep extra nibs in your craft space.