Scrapbook Glues And Adhesives

All About Glue And Adhesives

If you head out to your local scrapbook store for the first time, you are going to be surprised and maybe confused at the amount of glues and adhesives for scrapbooks, Investing in good adhesives wise,  After all, that’s what is holding your pages together. There are different products for different jobs, so here is an easy guide to help you get started.

Things To Consider

Never use rubber cement or school glue on your scrapbook pages ! The rubber cement will actually ruin your pictures with it’s toxic fumes. The school glue will dry up, causing your pictures to fall off, It may also leave a residue on your pictures. Masking tape and scotch tape are not considered phot safe either.


Must Have Adhesives

Glue Sticks are the one product that you really need to have. It is really inexpensive, especially if you buy them in a bulk pack of three or six in a package. You can but them in any craft store or office supply . You use it to paste mats to the back of photos, journaling and layering papers together. The one mistake that I made was the I used too much. You only need to used a very thin coating of the glue. The glue when used correctly will last for quite a while.

Glue sticks come in two different sides. There is a small one and a larger one that has a wide applicator and a smaller one for detail projects. The glue stick comes as a clear color as well as some that have a purple color. Both dry clear. Make sure that the stick that you are using is acid and lignin free

Tape Runners are another adhesive that is a must have. This is double sided tape that can adhere an kind of paper. They come in plastic applicators. You literally run the tape along the edge of want you ant to fasten. While it is a little more expensive than glue sticks, they are much neater to use. They come in permanent and temporary tapes. They can also be single use or refillable. I like to be earth friendly and economical, so I use the refillable ones.

Foam Mounting Tape is really handy. I would not scrap without it. It is double sided tape. You can use a strip of it or break it up in pieces. It gives whatever you use it on some “lift” off the page. It’s great to raise a title off the page. You can use it for embellishments.

Glue Dots are Foam Mounting Tape cut into shapes.  Easy to use and perfect for embellishments like buttons, beads, and ribbons, There are many different brands. You can get these  in sheets, boxes and rollers.

On Your Wish list

Now that you have your basic supplies, there are several tools and adhesives that will take you to the next step in your experience.

Adhesive Applicator Guns-These are handheld guns that hold a large amount of transfer tape. Even larger amounts than the tape runner. They are easier to dispense just the right amount of tape for the use . Although you invest in the gun, the tape is more economical. Although it is not a must have, I personally would do without mine. With the tape runner, you get two rolls of tape-about 72 yards. The average 1/4 inch of tape width is perfect to get those small items fixed on your paper.

Zip Dry Paper Glue – this glue is a fast drying liquid glue that can be wiped off if you get a little on your paper. Unlike other glues, it will not wrinkle your paper. You can use it to adhere anything, including metal.

Photo Tape-This is another tape that can easily be used to hold your photos on your page. It is translucent and double sided. It generally comes in a dispenser that has a serrated edge so that it can be ripped off.

Washi Tape- Everyone loves washi tape. This is single sided decorative tape that you use to decorate your pages. It comes in endless colors and designs.