Scrapbook Page Titles

Scrapbook Page Titles

Titles are a visible component to your scrapbook page. It tells what your page is about. Titles can be placed just about anywhere on your page. They can be a single word, a few words or a complete sentence. The size of the letters on your title depend on the amount of letters you need to place.

You can print out your titles using an electronic cutting machine. This makes your titles seamless. You chose what you want to say, chose your font and the letter size. This is one of the reasons that electronic cutters are so popular.

You can use stickers that you can purchase that are complete alphabets. They come in all kinds of fonts, sizes and materials. My problem with these stickers is that they never have enough vowels for me. So I wind up with a bunch of stickers that don’t have an a, o, i or t. There is no rule that you can’t mix fonts and , if you are in  that situation.

I often like to get out my alphabet stamps. I always have enough to create a really nice title. One or two sets are always a good investment. You can use any color ink you like and use paper scraps out of your stash. Makes it all come together in a creative unique way.

There are other kinds of letters like punched letters, metal letters and chipboard letters. The choices for your titles are only limited by your imagination.

Sometimes, we get a little dry when it comes to titles. Try to think of a movie or song title that might fit in. Check out our resource list for more inspiration

idea2Anyone Can Scrapbook Tip: How to add personality to your Titles:

  1. Use 2 words in different alphas
  2. Use lower case and upper case
  3. Don’t make your title on a straight line. Wiggle them
  4. Use colors-pick colors that match your accent colors
  5. Dot your I with a flower or a heart




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