Stamping For Scrapbook Art

Stamping For Scrapbook Art

Scrapbook artists often use stamps to enhance their pages. We all love that colorful and extra touch that stamped images create. Stamping id fun and add your own custom mark on each page that you add them to.

The only tools you will need are ink pads and stamps. If you are using acrylic stamps, you will need an acrylic block to mount and stamp with them.  You should also have some baby wipes or stamp cleaners to clean your stamps once you use them.

There are two kinds of stamps. One is a rubber stamp that is mounted on a piece of wood. The other type of stamp is a clear acrylic stamp. The rubber stamps are generally bulkier to store, but they do have some detail, especially with backgrounds and large images. The acrylic stamps are thinner and easy to see where you place them. Acrylic stamps can come as single stamps or a collection of stamps.

If you are going to invest in stamps, then start with some general themes at first. You will often use birthday stamps, baby, graduation, ect. You can also use these stamps to make cards too. So your investment can be used in more than one way.

Tips For Stamping

  1. Always stamp in solid flat surfaces to get a clean image. You will want a really solid surface so that the image will print correctly. Any bow or bend in your surface will cause the image to print poorly when you press on the stamp.
  2. Press or tap the stamp onto the ink pad. Larger stamps can be swirled a little on the ink pad. Some folks like to put the ink pad on top of the stamp, instead. Make sure the stamp is covered with ink before you stamp it. Don’t worry if there is some ink or color on the stamp once you clean it. Once it is dry, the discoloration will not affect future use.
  3. Apply even pressure when you apply the stamp. Rocking it or moving it may cause blurring.
  4. Smaller stamps will need less pressure, while larger stamps will need more.

Cleaning Your Stamps

The easiest way to clean your stamps is to clean them with a stamp cleaner. The generally come with an applicator. There are also cleaner pads where you can apply the cleaner, scrub the stamp and then dry it on the other side. Blot them dry with a paper towel. You can also use alcohol free baby wipes. Either way, make sure to clean the stamp right away so the stamp will have a long life in your craft space. Never soak your rubber stamps in water. The adhesive that holds it on the wood will loosen.

Storing Your Ink Pads

Always store your ink pads level and upside down. This will help your ink pads stay evenly wet and keeps the entire surface wet. Makes for a much better image.