Vellum Tips And Ideas

Vellum Tips And Ideas

Vellum is a thin translucent paper that comes in white and in pastel colors. Since you can see through it, it is often used in scrapbooks to add a soft tone to a page. Layering vellum over a patterned paper will soften the effect.

Stamping on vellum creates a softer look than on cardstock. Think of using it on top of a patterned piece of paper in a title.  You can use an embossing ink and embossing powder to make raised lettering .

Vellum can also be embossed with an embossing folder which will give it a raised design and more effect

You can also create a vellum frame for your photos.

It can be colored with chalks or inks. It can be ripped and sections of it can be used to create a design.  It cab be punched unto flowers and other embellishments.

You will not want to use a heavy glue or tape when adding vellum. The idea is to be able to see the material behind it.

You can adhere it by “sewing it on a page,  with brads or buttons, with micro glue dots, or with staples.


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