Scrapbook Page Design

Scrapbook Page Design


Every page that you create has some sort of a design. Design can be just the way that you chose to lay out all the elements of your scrapbook page. You can create your own design, use a scrapbook sketch or follow a pattern.

If you just slap things on a page, you will be very unhappy with the results. Placing things on a page without a purpose gets results that you will not be happy with. You want to create a page that you will be proud to show others. You are creating the story of your life for future generations. That story is an important one, so you will want to take those [precious memories and make a real piece of art with them. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create terrific scrapbook pages. But having an understanding of design principles will take you to the next step when you create your pages.

Take time in your design to step back and really look at your page. It might be that sometimes the only thing wrong is that the background paper isn’t right. Changing the background paper is sometimes all that needs to be done. So if you are unsatisfied try changing the color of your base page.

If you feel nervous using bright or patterned colors, start with a white or beige background or stick to multiple shades of one color

idea2Anyone Can Scrapbook Quick Tip: Use a plate, cup or a compass to draw the perfect circle for your page design